4-H Leaders

What is the 4-H Leaders Association?

The 4-H Leaders Association is comprised of the 4-H Leaders Council plus volunteer representatives of all 4-H clubs in the county. Two members from each club (youth and adult) have voting privileges at Association meetings. The Leaders Association is an organization that is important to all 4-H leaders and parents. Anyone is welcome to attend the Leaders Association meetings, however, clubs are asked to send two individuals (youth or adults) to serve as voting representatives.

The Leaders Association is comprised of the Leaders Council plus volunteer representatives of all 4-H clubs in the county. Meetings are normally held at the Extension Office on the 4th Monday of January, March, June, September and November.

The Iowa County 4-H Leader’s Association…

    • Lets you meet with leaders from other clubs and discuss problems and concerns.
    • Sets policies for the Iowa County 4-H Program.
    • Keeps you up-to-date on the 4-H program.

4-H Leaders Constitution

What is the 4-H Leaders Council?

The 4-H Leaders Council is composed of adult and youth volunteers who are elected to set policy, make decisions and raise funds for the county 4-H program. The Iowa County 4-H Leader Council consists of seven adult members and six youth members. The Leaders Council meets several times a year and is advised by the 4-H Youth Development Agent.

Leaders Council Members Position Held Election Year
Shelly Osterndorff President 2015
Bill Mitchell Vice President–Fair Board Representative
Muffy Swingen Treasurer 2016
Morgan Fitzsimmons Secretary 2015
Jon Osterndorff Director 2017
Heidi Tiber Director 2015
Christine James Director 2016
Deena Vinger Director 2017
Morgan Fitzsimmons Youth Director 2015
Debbie Heth  YLC Member 2015
Zach Dressler Fall Forum Rep 2015
Jake Brokish Fall Forum Rep 2015
Alex Harman Youth Director 2016
Kari Brokish Youth Director 2016
Don Kreul Fall Forum Adult Representative
Carley Rider Youth Director 2015
Riley Berning Youth Director 2015